Department Scholarships

The Mining Engineering Department offers scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a degree program at Colorado School of Mines or have been accepted and plan to enroll in the upcoming fall semester. Preference will be given to students who are pursuing a degree in mining engineering.

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Fall 2016 Awards


  • Jason La Forest


  • Liz Diaz
  • Michael Wrona
  • Tyler Rockley


  • Kinsley Costner

Martin Marietta

  • Jonathan O’Grady


  • William Behre


  • Linnea Roth


  • Jean-Luc des Rivieres

Pegasus Gold

  • Dulguun Tsendayush


  • Clayton Williams


  • Ryan Burkholder

Ensign Bickford

  • Erika Nieczkoski
  • Justin Banks

Bruce Carlson

  • Spencer Gil
  • Mathieu Gauthier-Cote


  • Evan McCombs


  • AliceMae Goodwin

Johns Family

  • Nikki McIntosh


  • Matthew Hill

Barrick Gold

  • Heather Lammers

C. Pillar

  • John Godfrey
  • Leah Young
  • Charles Litchfield
  • Muthu Thyagarajan
  • Michael Burkhardt

McQuiston Fellowship

  • Zoheir Khademian
  • John Meyer
  • Erik Charrier
External Scholarships

These scholarships are not awarded through the department and have their own application processes and deadlines. See below for more information.

  • Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) Colorado Section
  • The Imerys North America scholarship program, created in May 2010, involves providing financial support to undergraduate and postgraduate students in North America towards the cost of their education and ensuring that each scholar has the opportunity to manage a meaningful internship project.
  • Hecla Mining is providing five $3,000 scholarships for 2016-2017. Students who meet the following criteria:
    • an undergraduate student, sophomore level or above;
    • enrolled full time in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Geology and Geological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geophysics or Mining Engineering;
    • a minimum GPA of 3.0 and enrolled the entire 2017-2018 year;
    • a U.S. citizen; and
    • an expressed interest in the mining industry

    are invited to send a PDF copy of their resumes (including GPA) and a cover letter noting their interest in the mining industry to Donny Boulanger at

  • Newmont Mining Scholarship: Deadline April 10, 2017
    Criteria:  Undergraduate student (sophomore status or above by Fall 2016) in Geology, Geological Engineering, Geophysics, Economics & Business, Environmental Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, or Mining Engineering; minimum GPA of 2.5; full-time student for entire 2017-2018 academic year; experience and/or demonstrated interest in mining and/or mining exploration. To apply:  Submit cover letter explaining interest in the mining/mining exploration industry along with a resume (that includes GPA) save in one PDF document (save as: Last Name, First Name, Newmont) and submit to Donny Boulanger at
  • James A. Holmes Safety Association scholarships are open to persons who are pursing careers in the mining industry, safety and health-related fields. Scholarship awards are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute scholarships are available to U.S. citizens and those that have permanent residency in one of the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.
  • Association of State Dam Safety Officials scholarships range from $5,000 to $10,000. Successful recipients must be U.S. citizens and enrolled full-time at the senior level (during the year they receive the scholarship) in an accredited civil engineering program or in a related field as determined by ASDSO and must demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in hydraulics, hydrology or geotechnical disciplines, or in another discipline related to the design, construction and operation of dams.
  • The Advanced Prevention Lawsuit Legal Scholarship is an annual sponsorship award of $1,000 for U.S. high school seniors seeking a degree in an accredited four-year university/college as well as first-year students.
  • Resource Capital Funds is a mining-focused private equity firm based in Denver. A fund was established by RCF in 2002 to provide financial awards in the form of two RCF Fellowships to worthy graduate students enrolled as full-time candidates for Master of Science or a Doctor of Philosophy degrees in either Mining and Earth Systems Engineering or Mineral and Energy Economics. Each RCF Fellowship award is $35,000 and is intended to cover full tuition and fees, plus a monthly stipend, for the student’s first two semesters of study. The fellowship includes the potential to be considered for a summer internship at RCF at the conclusion of the first year of study. Fellowship recipients will have an outstanding academic background and a strong interest in mine finance, project evaluation, mine feasibility and mineral economics. The fellowship recipient must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.50 during their first semester of study to remain eligible to receive the funds during the second semester, as well as to be considered for the summer internship program. Interested graduate students who are currently enrolled or have been accepted in the Mining Engineering Department should submit their cover letter and resume to the Mining Engeering Department by March 15th, clearly indicating an interest in and qualifications for the RCF Fellowship in their application letter. Awards will be announced by June 1.

Note: The list of outside scholarships is not all-inclusive and there may be others available. If you know of an outside scholarship that Mining Engineering undergraduate or graduate students would be eligible for, please email the information to Program Assistant Mandi Myers at