Student Opportunities


The Mining Engineering Department offers scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a degree program at Colorado School of Mines or have been accepted and plan to enroll in the upcoming fall semester. Preference will be given to students who are pursuing a degree in mining engineering.

Fill in the form below to apply for Mining Engineering Department Scholarships.  


Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of Fall.

2023-2024 Awards


  • Joel Dickinson


  • Mary Nimey
  • Yui Hin Shi
  • Glenn Steer
  • Felipe Del Castillo

Brunner & Lay

  • Kendall Helbig
  • Jennifer Kinch

Charles L Pillar

  • Nouri Mobarakeh


  • Will Colvin

George Sturgis and Beth Revels

  • John Dill


  • Kalev Wade

Jerry and Karen Zink

  • Eric Moskal
  • Xavier Dibben
  • Josh Metzel

John Eddie Ross

  • Jake Piotrowski

McQuiston Fellowship

  • Arif Aydar
  • Akash Chaurasia
  • Amid Morshedlou
  • David Hernandez
  • Erkan Aslan
  • Emilee Sloan
  • Fatih Aranoglu
  • Alpha Conteh
  • Jeison Alejandro Delgado Jimenez
  • Kayode Komolafe
  • Klaus Pacheco Hague
  • Sandra Labobar
  • Sultan Elcin Eroglu
  • Maria Camila Monsalve
  • Muthu Thyagarajan
  • Muhammed Kahraman
  • Umut Mete Saka
  • Yu-Ting Yu

Martin Marietta

  • Soren Paulson
  • Mikaela Streicher
  • Forest Olsen
  • Zachary Hattendorf

Milton Ward

  • Alexandra Stephens


  • Raymond Tsukada
  • Connor Pallis


  • Heather Burmingham


  • Heather Burmingham
  • Kendall Helbig
  • Yui Hin Shi

Pegasus Gold

  • Zane Swainston

Richard Hodgson 

  • Xavier Dibben
  • Emma Edgar
  • Isabel Hernandez
  • Zachary Hattendorf
  • Thomas Moore
  • Mikaela Streicher
  • Forest Olsen
  • Donovan Lublin
  • Matthew Mansfield
  • Kaden Ochsendorf
  • Alexis Finnimore
  • Joseph Peltz
  • Oscar Pratama
  • Muhannad Ali Gym Putra
  • Benjamin Hall
  • Christian Nolan
  • Tate Stevens
  • Mackenzie Williams
  • Jack Cremona

Royal Gold

  • Nolan Cox
  • Jennifer Kinch
  • Toby Chen


  • Sean Hart
  • Noah Adams

Barrick Gold

  • Jennifer Jarnigan


  • William Thelen
  • John Gilbride
  • Emilio Ferrand
  • Edgar Vera
  • Kendall Helbig


  • Dillon Barnes

Jerry & Karen Zink

  • Xavier Dibben
  • Josh Metzel
  • Eric Moskal

Sturgis & Revels

  • John Dill

Vogel Family Foundation

  • Soren Paulson


  • Spencer Mullikin
  • Carson Richardson


  • JC Maring

Robert & Lois Hansen


Bruce Carlson Memorial

  •   Daniel Drake

Student Positions Available

The Mining Engineering Department will post student opportunities here. Please check back frequently as this site will be updated as positions become available.

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