Student Opportunities


The Mining Engineering Department offers scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a degree program at Colorado School of Mines or have been accepted and plan to enroll in the upcoming fall semester. Preference will be given to students who are pursuing a degree in mining engineering.

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(Not awarded through the department and have their own application process and deadlines)

2018-19 Awards

Agapito Associates

  • Kyle Webb


  • Lukas Fahle
  • Hui Lu


  • Seth Edelen
  • Benjamin Dogonniuck
  • Tanner Plank

Brunner & Lay

  • Jaume Martinez Calvo
  • Michael Calder
  • Jacob Farabaugh
  • Marie Sullivan

Carlson Mining

  • Nicholas Belluschi
  • Joshua Holl
  • Benjamin Ntumba
  • Benjamin Teschner

Charles L Pillar

  • Carlos Contreras Inga
  • Anuradha Khetwal
  • Marion Nicco

Copper Club/Phelps Dodge Legacy

  • Seth Edelen

Ensign Bickford

  • Joseph Bartolacci


  • Joseph Bartolacci
  • Leila Mateus


  • Marie Hetherington
  • Matthew Hill
  • Alexandra Murray

Howard G. Washburn

  • Kinsley Costner
  • Paul Stanton

Jerry and Karen Zink

  • Nicholas Bellusci

Komatsu Mining

  • Miguel Moreira

Martin Marietta

  • Paige Christie


  • Jacob Mellema
  • Samuel O’Keeffe

Milton Ward

  • William Fraser
  • Ashlyn Hohenshelt
  • Wyatt Lovingier
  • Paul Stanton
  • Mathew Taber


  • Kinsley Costner
  • Miguel Moreira


  • Justin Banks
  • Chamir Bello
  • Anna Cable
  • Oleksandr Peretiatko


  • Ashlyn Hohenshelt

Pegasus Gold

  • Chamir Bello
  • Anna Cable
  • Wyatt Lovingier


  • Marie Hetherington

Student Positions Available

The Mining Engineering Department will post student opportunities here. Please check back frequently as this site will be updated as positions become available.