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The Mining NEWSLETTER is HERE! Our second department newsletter has been published and can be viewed on our website here.

The Department is hiring for the Fred Banfield Distinguished Endowed Chair in Mining Engineering. Position closes March 31st.

We are seeking an individual with a distinguished international reputation in an area of interest, including mine planning and operations, risk assessment, and valuation. The successful candidate must bring the management skills needed to develop a world class research program, and will be expected to have strong network connections with both the national and international mining industry.  Click here to view the full position posting.

If you are an alumni attending the SME Annual Conference and Expo this February, join us for an alumni reception!  Come network with fellow Orediggers while enjoying complimentary beer, wine, and hors d'oeurves.  Tuesday, February 23rd from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in Encanto Room A in the Sheraton Grand Phoenix hotel.



Minerals have been essential to man since our beginning. An adequate supply of mineral products at acceptable prices is the indispensable basis of any modern industrial nation. The demand for minerals of all kinds is higher today than ever before, and it continues to increase as the nations of the world strive to improve their standards of living. It is the task of the mineral industry and the people in it to supply these needs. The function of the mining engineer is to apply knowledge of pertinent scientific theory, engineering fundamentals, and improved technology to recover natural resources.

Since the school was founded more than a century ago to train gold rush miners, mining engineering has changed greatly, becoming increasingly multidisciplinary, incorporating advance technologies and capitalizing on new scientific discoveries. This led the department to include the Earth Systems Engineering specialty, which focuses on geomechanics underground construction, tunneling and excavation engineering, in addition to the core mining engineering program.

Academic Programs:

B.S., Mining Engineering
Minor, Mining Engineering
Minor, Underground Construction & Tunneling
Minor, Explosive Engineering

Master of Engineering, Engineer of Mines
M.S., Mining and Earth Systems Engineering
Ph.D.,  Mining and Earth Systems ­Engineering

M.S., Underground Construction & Tunneling
Ph.D., Underground Construction & Tunneling


Annual Student Enrollment and Graduation Data


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