Andrew Schissler

Adjunct Professor, Mining Engineering

Andrew Schissler

Academic Appointment and Responsibilities

2011- Present: Colorado School of Mines Mining Engineering Department, Adjunct Professor

Courses include:

  • MNGN 414- Mine Plant Design
  • MNGN 316- Coal Mine Design (2001-2002)
  • MNGN 598- Equipment Economics, Maintenance, and Automation (planned 2015)

2003-2006: Penn State University
Mining Engineering Department, Assistant Professor (tenure track)

  • Taught undergraduate and graduate courses in mining engineering; energy, business, and finance; safety

Research Interests

  • Mine Economics, Feasibility and Valuation integrating risk and options
  • Rock Mechanics in high stress environments
  • Mine productivity, safety, and cost control utilizing process improvement
  • Mine equipment maintenance to lengthen component life

Recent and Current Research Projects

  • Blasting Technique to Frack Rock for Shale Oil Production.  2013.  Principal Investigator: Andrew SchissleR
  • Optimization of Bit Forces for Soft Minerals.  Private clients utilized CSM EMI for investigations.  Principal Investigators: Andrew Schissler, Brian Asbury.
  • Keystone Summit on Mining Performance Conference Series.  Occured 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 (planned).  Co-founder and Co-director.

Professional Experience

  • Principal, Schissler Engineering LLC, 2001 to present
  • Adjunct Professor, Colorado School Mines, 2011 to present (part-time position)
  • PE Exam Coordinator, SME, 2011 to present (part-time position)
  • Global Lead: Mining Engineering, Ausenco, 2014
  • Global Lead: Rock Mechanics, Mining Engineering, Economics, 2013
  • Operations Manager / Principal Engineer, Ausenco, 2013
  • Project Manager / Principal Engineer, Tetra Tech, 2009 to 2013
  • Executive Vice President, West Hawk Development, 2008
  • Engineering Manager, Intrepid Potash, 2006 to 2008
  • Assistant Professor, Penn State University, 2003 to 2006
  • Ventilation Engineer, Mine Safety Health Administration, 2002 to 2003
  • Instructor, Colorado School of Mines, 2001
  • Vice President, Stolar Horizon, 2000
  • Manager Technical Services, Cyprus Amax Minerals Corp., 1980 to 2000
  • Senior Mining Engineer, Southern Utah Fuel Company, 1977 to 1979
  • Mining Engineer, Consolidated Coal Company, 1975 to 1977
  • Miner, Newmont Mining Company, 1974

Professional Certifications

  • Founding Registered Member, Society of Mining Engineers, Qualified Person worldwide reports
  • Licensed Professional Engineer: Colorado, Utah
  • Certified Underground Coal Mine Foreman: Colorado, Utah, West Virginia

Professional Work Activities and Experience

  • Exploration drilling and design
  • Sampling methods
  • Resource and reserve estimation
  • Mine feasibility and valuation
  • Mine development, project management
  • Mine design
  • Ventilation
  • Rock mechanics
  • Material handling
  • Infrastructure
  • Mine operations
  • Mine maintenance programs
  • Business process improvement applied to mining
  • Oil & gas well design
  • Management
  • Mine reclamation
  • Mine closure
  • Environmental engineering

Referred Publications

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  • Schissler, A.P., Campbell, G., and J. McAra. “Innovation in Rock Mechanics: Iced Tailings as Structural Backfill for the Citronen Mine, Ironbark Zinc Ltd., Greenland.” In Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on Ground Control in Mining, Morgantown, WV.
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