Earth Resource Development Engineering

Earth Resource Development Engineering (ERDE)

A Mines degree prepares you for leadership in the mining industry or in academia.

The new Earth Resource Development Engineering (ERDE) graduate program in the Mining Engineering Department offers students interdisciplinary curricula options that augment a fundamental understanding of mining engineering.

ERDE is catered towards students who wish to specialize in emerging technical and social issues in Earth Resources Development Engineering, including, but not liminted to topics suchs as mining and sustainable development, mining related data science, and mining and the environment.

The Earth Resources Development Engineering (ERDE) specialty is for those who wish to specialize in interdisciplinary fields that include understanding emerging technical and social issues in Earth Resources Development Engineering.  This specialty is open to students with mining or non-mining engineering undergraduate degrees who are interested in scholarship and research on topics including, but not limited to, mining and sustainability, mine closure and reclamation engineering, corporate social responsibility, artisanal and small-scale mining, underground construction and tunneling engineering, mining and the environment, modeling and design in earth systems and processes, geothermal, explosive engineering, mine and construction management, mining related data science, earth observation for mine environmental monitoring and design and application of sensor networks, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for autonomous mine systems.  Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this degree program, students will be required to take three core classes in the Mining Engineering Department and then choose courses related to their area of interest offered by mining, as well as other departments across campus.

Program Requirements

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Grad Student Handbook

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