Dr. Jurgen Brune



Phone: 303.273.3704

Office: BB 222

Email: jbrune@mines.edu

2012 – Present: Colorado School of Mines
Mining Engineering Department, Research Professor
Courses include:
MNGN319 – Coal Mine Design
MNGN424 – Mine Ventilation
MNGN524 – Advanced Mine Ventilation
MNGN498/598 – Mine Safety and Health Management

Mine ventilation
Mine communications
Mine fire and explosion prevention
Mine refuge alternatives
Application of unmanned aerial systems in the mining industry
Remote control and automation of mining equipment


  • Development of a pneumatic mine dust sampler to sample coal and rock dust for explosibility analysis, funded by the Alpha Foundation.  $530,000, 2013 to 2015, Lead Principal Investigator
  • Explosion hazard risk analysis in longwall coal mine gobs through CFD modeling, funded by CDC NIOSH, $200,000 to $300,000 annually, 2014 to 2019, Lead Principal Investigator
  • Methane-air explosion propagation through mine rubble, physical testing and CFD modeling, funded by the Alpha Foundation, 2014 to 2015, Co-Principal Investigator


  • Characterization of methane explosion and spontaneous combustion hazards in longwall gobs,  funded by CDC NIOSH, 2009-2014, $1.36 million, Lead Principal Investigator 
  • Historic analysis of methane and coal dust explosions in U.S. coal mines, Wheeling Jesuit University, 2013, $40,000, Lead Principal Investigator
  • Comparison of coal dust explosion prevention best practices in the U.S. vs. European countries and Australia, Wheeling Jesuit University, 2013, $40,000, Lead Principal Investigator

Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), USA 2004 – 2011
Principal Mining Engineer, Office of Mine Safety and Health Research
Director, NIOSH Spokane Research Laboratory
Chief, Disaster Prevention and Response Branch, Pittsburgh Research Laboratory
CONSOL Energy, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, USA 1992 to 2004
Manager, Business Process Improvement
Manager, Information Systems and Technology Project
Manager Engineering Services
Assistant Mine Superintendent, Arkwright No. 1 Mine
RWE Rheinbraun AG, Cologne, Germany 1983 –1992
Manager, Mine Planning
Chief Geotechnical Engineer, Cologne head office
Doktor-Ingenieur Bergbau (Ph. D., Mining Engineering) Technische Universität Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany, 1994.
Master of Science (Mining Engineering), Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, 1983.
Diplom-Ingenieur Bergbau (Mining Engineering), Technische Universität Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany, 1981.

Licensed Professional Engineer, mining and mineral processing engineering, Colorado license #48366
Registered Professional Engineer Europe (EUR-ING), license #28098, European Federation of National Engineering Associations, Brussels, Belgium
Registered Professional Engineer Germany license #D-2977, Deutscher Verband Technisch-Wissenschaftlicher Vereine, Berlin, Germany
Certified Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Software Implementation Consultant, SAP AG, Germany, 2000.
Certified Underground Coal Mine Foreman, State of West Virginia, USA, 1994.
Certified Underground Coal Mine Examiner, Mine Safety and Health Administration 1994.
Certified Radiation Safety Officer, Aachen University of Applied Sciences (FH Aachen), Germany, 1984.
Certified Shot Firer (underground coal mine blasting officer), Westfälische Berggewerkschaftskasse, Dortmund, Germany, 1978.

Qualified Professional Member (QP), Mining and Metallurgical Society of America (MMSA),
Distinguished Member, Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME)
Member, Society of Mining Professors (Sozietät der Bergbaukunde)
Associate Editor and member of the Editorial Board, SME Mining Engineering Journal, Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Inc., Denver CO.
Member, Editorial Advisory Board of Surface Mining Journal, GDMB Gesellschaft für Bergbau, Metallurgie, Rohstoff- und Umwelttechnik, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany (2004 – 2011)
Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering, Inderscience Publications, Geneva, Switzerland

Distinguished Member, Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Inc. (SME), Class of 2011
CDC NIOSH Alice Hamilton Award, 2007, for research on the explosibility of methane and required strength of mine seals
Distinguished Member, SME Pittsburgh Section

Coal mine explosion prevention
Design of explosion resistant mine seals
Explosive forces from methane and coal dust explosions
Explosion numeric modeling
Mine ventilation numeric modeling and simulation
Mine fire numeric modeling and simulation
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling
Mine safety and health, education and training
Underground mine communications
Mine refuge chambers
Sustainable Mining

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Brune JF [2014]: Industry View: A Clear and Present Danger, World Coal, Februar 2014, p. 14



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