Explosive Engineering Minor Program

Explosive Engineering Minor

Program Advisor: Dr. Vilem Petr

There are very few academic explosive engineering programs worldwide. The Colorado School of Mines is one of a few educational institutions that offers an explosive engineering minor program in the U.S.A. Developed in the CSM tradition of combining academic education with hands-on experience, this minor program will prepare students for new and developing applications involving the use of explosives in the mining and materials engineering, underground construction, oil and gas operations, demolition, homeland security, military, forensic investigations, manufacturing and material synthesis.

With the proper program development of courses and basic knowledge in explosive engineering, students enrolled in this program will discover and gain insight into the exciting industrial applications of explosives, selection of explosives, and the correct and safe use of the energetic materials. With the help of the program advisor, the students will design and select the proper course sequence and complete hands-on research project under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

An explosives minor requires 18 credit hours of specially selected courses. The list of available courses can be found in the mining engineering department office.

Explosives Engineering Area of Special Interest (ASI)

Program Advisor: Dr. Vilem Petr

A total of 12 credit hours are needed to complete the Area of Special Interest in Explosive Engineering Program. This is the preferred route for students that would like to specialize in explosive engineering. The first three (required) courses will provide the students with basic knowledge in explosive engineering. And the forth course will provide the students with mining applications such for surface, underground or underground construction. No more than 3 credit hours used for the ASI may be required for the degree-granting program in which the student is graduating.

Required of All Students

MNGN333                             Explosives Engineering I                                                       3.0
MNGN407                             Rock Fragmentation                                                             3.0
MNGN444                             Explosives Engineering II                                                      3.0

Select at least one of the following:

MNGN210                             Introductory Mining                                                             3.0
MNGN222                             Introduction to Explosives Engineering                                 3.0
MNGN308                             Mine Safety I                                                                       1.0
MNGN309                             Mining Engineering Laboratory                                             2.0
MNGN312                             Surface Mine Design                                                            3.0
MNGN314                             Underground Mine Design                                                    3.0
MNGN316                             Coal Mining Methods and Design                                         3.0
MNGN321                             Introduction to Rock Mechanics                                           3.0
MNGN404                             Tunneling                                                                            3.0
MNGN408                             Underground Design and Construction                                 3.0              

Total Hours                                                                                                                     12.0

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